FAQ on GUST Internship Program

BA444 Summer Internship Program FAQs

What is an Internship?

What types of experiences qualify for the Career Center Internship Class?

An internship provides practical work experience and helps you connect your classroom learning to the world outside GUST. Most undergraduate research experiences are just internships under a different name. The important element that distinguishes an internship from a short-term job or community service is the intentional "learning plan" that you bring to the experience. You not only plan to learn, but you have a plan for evaluating what you learned and how.

Why would I want to do an internship?

Research has found that students, who had completed internships found employment more quickly following graduation, were more likely to be employed within their fields of study and were more satisfied in their jobs. Employers actively seek students with career-related work experience. Your odds of getting a job in today's competitive marketplace are much greater if you have relevant experience. In fact, large corporate employers recruit over 50% of their new full-time employees from "in-house" internship programs.

The best reason to do an internship, though, is to gain practical career experience before graduation. This can help you either confirm a career choice or make a decision to choose a different path. You can make an informed decision about whether you are interested in a particular career – a good thing to know before you graduate!

Can I do an internship after I graduate?

An increasing trend is for short-term positions after graduation to be called internships. Internships after graduation can help you increase your employability with new skills. Don't rule out a temporary move if a really great internship comes along. A great internship can move you years ahead in your climb up the career ladder.

What are the types of Internship courses available and how many hours do I work?

Students are required to participate in a Full-Time Summer Internship Course (BA444 – 180 working hours. BA444 = 3 Credits)

How do I enroll in the course?

Students can add the course to their course load during the Spring semester registration period for the Summer semester. Once enrolled, the CCSA instructor will be notified of the student addition and contact that student right before the beginning of the Summer semester via e-mail.

How do I get my required documents (contract/syllabus, training, evaluations, etc.)?

Required documents (syllabus, training workshops, evaluations, CV, ID, etc.) will be emailed to the student's GUST E-MAIL account and the site supervisor's e-mail account before the beginning of the Summer semester.

Can I enroll in the course several weeks into the semester or after a semester?

No. The course is not retroactive. Students must enroll in the course before the last day to Drop/Add.