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GUST Internship Program

GUST Internship Program offers qualified students majoring in the areas of Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management Organization Behavior, Marketing, Computer Science, and Management Information Systems (MIS) an opportunity to gain professional employment experience that complements their academic background in business prior to graduation.

GUST students are placed in quality internship assignments in the private sector at leading banks, telecom companies, oil and gas, investment, information technology, industrial, real estate, and insurance companies, in addition to institutions in the public sector.

CBA441 “GUST Internship Program” is a 3 credit course that enables students to focus on their career objectives during their internship thereby giving them valuable insight into their career goals. Moreover, enrolling in this program is an excellent way to build a résumé; a good source for building a professional network; and an opportunity to increase confidence, maturity, and responsibility.

Interns will work approximately 30 hours per week, Sunday through Thursday, for a total of six weeks. Qualified students must be in good academic standing and have completed at least 75 credit hours. The semester course CBA440, “Practicum in Business and MIS”, is a prerequisite for the Internship Program. Students must be prepared to complete weekly reports, host an on-site visit by the Internship Coordinator, and be evaluated by their employer; in addition to preparing a final report and presentation outlining their activities and tasks in their internship for the Internship Committee to receive credit and a grade for the course.
Students can register for the GUST Internship Program by:

  • Checking the Internship Data Bank at the Center of Alumni and Corporate Relations (CACR)
  • Filling “GUST Internship Program Application Form” and preparing a résumé.
  • Registering the course in the People-Soft System.

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CBA440 Practicum in Business and MIS

CBA440 Practicum in Business and MIS - Syllabus/Spring 2010
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