Which Comes First - Major or Career?

Begin by identifying your specific decision-making goal. Different students prefer different starting points, and different starting points will suggest different questions. Where do you wish to begin? Do you want to choose a major first and identify career possibilities later, or choose a few career options and then identify possible majors that can help you get there?


  • You're already an expert decision maker but may not be aware of it: Think of an important decision you have made recently, such as deciding on a specific college or making a significant purchase. The steps to making a major decision follow a basic decision-making/problem-solving process that you have used many times.
  • It's a good investment of your time: If you want the decision-making process to yield meaningful results, you must be willing to invest some time, thought, and effort. It's like a treasure hunt. You collect clues, in this case, information, then piece together the clues to form a map to guide you on your journey toward an appropriate major and meaningful career.
  • Your Center of Career Services and Alumni can help: Career counsellors can help you identify both major and career options that suit your specific desires, needs, and goals, and offer you the possibility of career satisfaction. One way they do this is to show you how to use a four-step decision-making process.