Career Planning and Exploration

Career Planning and Exploration is a process of exploring and gathering information to enable you to synthesize, make decisions, set goals, gain competencies, and take action. Specifically, career planning entails evaluating who you are and what you want to do, learning more about career fields that interest you, and pursuing your goals through educational and skill development.

The Center of Alumni and Corporate Relations (CACR) offers career counselling, an extensive resource of career guidance tools and career support services to help facilitate the career planning process. Workshops focusing on career planning, employment skills, and job search strategies, including assistance with résumé development and interviewing are also available.

Help is available for students and alumni making decisions about their futures and for developing a plan to achieve their goals. We promote and support the career development process of GUST students from freshman through senior year and our alumni.

For assistance with your career questions, make an appointment to see a CACR Counsellor.

Developing a Plan


First Year
  • Consider that your college experience is preparing you for the rest of your life.
  • Begin your personal development by participating in campus and community activities.
  • Start to consider career possibilities.
  • Visit the CACR and get to know what the resources are.
  • Meet and get to know faculty, administrators, and CACR staff who can serve as resources during your personal and professional development at college.'
  • Make a tentative selection of a major.

Second Year
  • Utilize the Career Resource Library (CRL) and the Internet to learn read about fields of interest.
  • Join campus and community organizations and develop leadership skills.
  • Further develop associations with faculty, administrators, and career services staff.
  • Explore the academic and practical/experiential requirements for entering different professions.
  • Begin to conduct informational interviews to explore various career fields.
  • Declare your major.
  • Attend the Internship/Summer Job Fair in February.
  • Revise and update your résumé.
  • Obtain a Summer job or an internship in your field of interest by referring to the internship files in the CRL, searching BU CareerLink, and searching the internship links elsewhere on this site.

Third Year
  • Obtain a career-related internship and reality-test your values, skills, and interests.
  • Utilize the CRL and the Internet to research specialized areas in your chosen field. Research key corporations, businesses, and organizations through informational interviews and resources in the CRL.
  • Revise and update your .
  • Attend the Internship/Summer Job Fair in February.
  • Begin to explore graduate or professional schools.
  • Continue to develop associations with faculty, administrators, and CACR staff.

Senior Year
  • Complete course requirements in your major(s).
  • If you haven't already, sign up for the Career Services list-serves of interest to you.
  • Plan your job search campaign or graduate school selection process.
  • Revise and update your résumé.
  • Attend the Graduate School Information Fair in October.
  • Attend the Fall Career Expo in October.
  • Research target companies and organizations using resources in the CRL.
  • Attend OCS workshops on résumés and cover letters, interviewing, and job search strategies.
  • Arrange for interviews through the OCS Recruiting Office. Interview with prospective employers, identified through personal networking, professional journals and job listings in the CRL.
  • Choose and contact faculty, administrators, and past employers you want to use as references.
  • Consider opening a Credentials File with the OCS Credentials Office.
  • Continue to interview and develop your plans.
  • Evaluate job offers in respect to your most valued interests, skills, strengths, and life goals.