1-  Create an integrated office of corporate relations and student career placement to facilitate the centers’ efforts and improve efficiency when contacting companies and institutions for internship and career placement matters. 

rnship and career placement matters. internship and career placement matters.  2-  Help students and alumni make a successful transition from their undergraduate educational environment to employment or further educational pursuits.

3-  Provide individual career counselling for those who are looking for new careers or are changing jobs within the same field of endeavor.

4-  Evolve GUST Internship program to be industry driven and encourage students’ involvement in local and international internships. 

5-  Encourage student involvement in local and international internships and campus organizations to enhance their educational experience and preparation for employment.

6-  Administer the alumni and corporate databases.

7-  Establish a mutually beneficial relationship between GUST and its alumni and to bind the alumni more closely together.

8-  Improve the process of tracking and follow up of graduatesand develop new measures for successful employment figures. 

9-  Open and maintain communication with the private and public sectors.

10-  Establish and promote career networks which help job seekers or individuals exploring career opportunities to be connected with alumni members who work in their specific areas of interest.

11-  Coordinate GUST expected graduates training programs; “the CBA440 Practicum in Business and MIS” and CSC492 'Practicum in Computer Science". 

12-  Organize career fairs, geared towards expected graduates and alumni, and to issue the "Alumni Newsletter" twice a year (fall and spring).