International Business

Today's successful business executives think globally.  Marketing, manufacturing, and finance managers must be well educated in international business, bolstered by a fluency in a second language, to compete in both domestic and international environments. – Mr. Harvey Falk, Vice Chairman and President, Liz Claiborne, Inc.


Related Career Titles

International Executive

International Media Planner

International Job Analyst

International Consultant

International Purchasing Agent

Multinational Corporations

International Advertising Executive

International Economist

International Marketing Specialist

International Product Manager

International Sales Analyst

Foreign Exchange Trader

International Commodities Trader

International Loan Officer

International Buyer

International Operations Manager

International Service Org. Manager

Human Resource Manager


Related Major Skills

Oral and Written Communication

Organizational Numerical  Analysis

Management (people and activities)

Interpretation Problem-solving Skills


Communicating between Cultures

Computer Literacy

Creative Thinking

Time Management

Critical Thinking

Planning and Budgeting

Reading and writing another language


Analytical Skills

Understanding Cultural Diversity