Director's Message

Dear Alumni and Friends,

You were part of a unique culture and experience - one shaped by shared values and has probably cultivated meaningful relationships and friendships which are an important part of your life today. Whether you are just commencing your career or are already established in a senior role, there are many real and continuing benefits to be enjoyed as an alumnus of GUST. The combined knowledge and experience of the University itself and your fellow alumni is a staggering resource. Alumni regularly using the GUST Website or taking part in local activities are already enjoying many of the benefits available today. 

GUST aspires to become the leading University in Kuwait and the Middle East. We provide undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs to develop skilled business professionals who: "can do" and “can lead” the creation of new, valued-added businesses; improve existing businesses; and help secure the future prosperity of Kuwait and the region. 

Be assured that your experience with GUST does not have to end with your graduation! We hope to maintain open communication with Alumni in order to keep you informed of GUST news and developments and to hear what you are up to; to improve and extend academic and career support; and to create new means for you to stay involved with GUST through new job opportunities, events, and field programs, specifically for GUST alumni. As an alumnus, you are part of the largest stakeholder in the future growth and success of GUST. You have a choice, to help shape and benefit from the changes that are taking place. 

The goal of CACR is to strengthen GUST’s mission through the active and strategic engagement of core constituencies comprised of students, alumni, corporate partners, foundations, and government agencies, who in turn support the institution through various means. CACR office aims to meet, correspond and network with various companies locally and overseas to explore the market needs and build relations with organizations where students can be placed following graduation. It also aims at developing and strengthening business relations between GUST and the business market though facilitating supply of young talents according to labor sector’s demands. The practice of CACR advancement begins with marketing and communication of the campus messages to the core constituencies. Our communication also allows us to share messages of success about our alumni, corporate and other partners who tell others their active connection to our campus.  

When you graduate from GUST, you take a little bit of us with you and you also leave a little something behind to enrich the university experience for those who follow. We are part of each other, deep down. We encourage you to stay involved in the GUST community and help it grow!  You are a big reason for our undying optimism for the future. When we see what you, our alumni, have accomplished, we know the current generation of students and GUST campus as a whole has a strong ally in all our endeavors in pursuit of academic excellence. 

Update your career information and contacts? Maintain your GUST email after graduation. Email your updated details to the Center of Alumni and Corporate Relations (CACR):

 Please let us know how we might serve you better,

 Sincerely Yours,


 Dr. Osama M. Al-Hares

Director / Center of Alumni & Corporate Relations (CACR)