Business Development and Corporate Relations (BDCR)

The BDCR was established in July 2007 under the name “Center of Career Services and Alumni”.  Four year later (April 2011) and due to the extended scope of activity and expanded relations with employers the name of “The Center of Career Services and Alumni (CCSA)” has been changed to “the Center of Alumni and Corporate Relations (CACR)”. 

BDCR is thoroughly dedicated to providing GUST students and alumni with personalized career services and facilitating interaction between employers and students. BDCR gives continuing support to GUST alumni to develop their career paths and build relationships with employers who will attest to the value of the talent available at GUST. By providing expertise, resources, and support, BDCR empowers students and alumni to build bridges to successful future careers.

BDCR programs and services are designed to increase our students’ confidence and provide the necessary skills and information to succeed in the job market. If a GUST graduate is looking for a job, considering a new career, relocating to a new city, or considering graduate school, BDCR provides services to assist.

BDCR also works to build top-of-mind relationships and maintain communication with the private and public sectors; to actively build relationships with local, regional, and global organizations to increase internship, part-time, and full-time employment opportunities for GUST students and alumni; to administer the alumni database and establish a mutually beneficial relationship between GUST and its alumni, and to bind the alumni more closely together, encouraging them to become active members in the GUST Alumni Association and participate in the University special events and activities.